Texas - Avis Pocket Journal
Texas - Avis Pocket Journal Texas - Avis Pocket Journal Texas - Avis Pocket Journal Texas - Avis Pocket Journal Texas - Avis Pocket Journal Texas - Avis Pocket Journal

The perfect every day carry for your adventures, big and small. This cover fits Field Notes, Moleskine and many others of this size. Take all of the essentials with you! Your purchase comes with: Genuine Leather Cover, Ball Point Pen, And Notebook Journal. Everything you need to start enjoying it immediately!

Key Features:

- Fits small (3.5 x 5.5 inch) notebooks, like Field Notes, Rhodia, or pocket Moleskines.

- 3 card slots for multiple cards (business, or pleasure).

- Can fit a passport, doubling beautifully as a travel portfolio.

- Measures 5.9 inches tall x 4.1 inches wide x 0.2 inches slim / 150mm tall x 105mm wide x 5mm slim.

- Durable Genuine Leather Cover.

- 3.5 x 5.5 inch Notebook Journal.

- Ball Point Pen.

This wallet is for anyone who lives in Texas, likes Texas, or just likes what Texas stands for.

It’s for anyone who likes natural leather over the fake stuff - the kind that starts out clean and stiff like it should and darkens and softens as it ages, getting more beautiful and unique over time.

It’s for anyone who wants to upgrade the essentials in their life, choosing to live with fewer everyday things that last longer.

It’s for anyone who wants to support small businesses paying living wages to skilled workers and sourcing better materials.

It’s for anyone who wants to join us in the modern craft movement, where we’re raising the bar for quality and design for the handmade wallet.

Nvm it’s just for everyone.

WARNING: Treat your Avis Pocket Journal right and it’ll do the same for you.

We pay great attention to our materials and construction, our products are made to last for a long time. Try not to stuff your product with more than the recommended amount, or put things in there that don’t belong. If you do, it can stretch the leather and put undue stress on the stitching and other materials.